Merchandise & Publications

Over the years the Tahoe Heritage Foundation has published several books and produced several products that suppliment that which we can purchase and that enhance the public understanding and enjoyment of the Tallac Historic Site and the Taylor Creek Visitor Center.  In addition the Foundations has worked with a variety of vendors to create special items for us…bookmarks, ornaments, shirts etc.  To date we have only sold these items in our stores, but we hope to have them available on-line after the summer season.  Check back this fall.


Explorer Maps – Lake Tahoe

The map sells for $30 with half going to support preservation, restoration and interpretation in the Tahoe Basin.  For collectors a  limited edition of signed, numbered, giclee prints of this beautiful map are available for $350.



Tallac Historic Site Book

In 1983 Robert Burke and Ken McGowan wrote a small booklet describing the Tallac Historic Site.  The Forest Servic staff added text about the current operation of the estates and left the original historic information unchanged.  Tahoe Heritage Foundation published a booklet of the combined information in a format similar to that of the Vikingshold and Ehrman Mansion booklets.  It sells for $3.95



Lucky Baldwin Book

In 1933 the roiginal Lucky Bladwin book by C.B. Glasscock was published.  For many years it was republished by Nevada Publications with a forward by Hubbard and was one of the besst sellers at the Tallac Historic Site.  Several years ago that reprint was discontinued.  Tahoe Heritage Foundation obtained the rights to republish the book.  In 2012 the digitization was completed and the book was reprinted.  It is again available to visitors at the Tallac Histoic Site where it sells for $19.95.



Taylor Creek Puzzles and Bookmark

Famed mural artist Larry Eifert created a panorama of the flora and fauna of the Taylor Creek marsh and meadow with Mt. Tallac in the background.  It is available as a poster for $6, an adult puzzle for $14.95, as a children’s puzzle for $5.95, as a bookmark for $.50 and as a magnet for $2.25.



Wildflowers of Taylor Creek and the Tahoe Basin (by the USFS staff and THF volunteers)

Over the years the staff at the Taylor Creek Visitor Center created a notebook of local wildflowers that is used to answer visitor questions.  Visistors regularly asked for copies of pages…or of the whole document.  In 2011 the staff began to digitize the notebook.  In 2012 Tahoe Heritage Foundation took on the project, formatted and edited the material and in may 2013 published the document for sale at the Tahoe Heritage Foundation shops.  It sells for $14.95.




Gatsby Poster 2014


Gatsby Posters

Each year since the mid-1990s the Tahoe Heritage Foundation has comissioned a Poster for the Gatsby Festival.  In the first year of publication the poster sells for $25. The older posters are sold  for up to $50 each and a complete set sells for $300.  They have become collector items.  In 2013 the Tahoe Heritage Foundation was able to add to its poster contract the ability to produce and sell notecards made from the art.  The notecards sell for $3.99 each.



Customized Vendor Items

Many of our Vendors offer customized items.  For example, Eleanor Rickey makes beautiful woodburned animal, bird and fish oranaments.  For us, she selected only subjects present at Lake Tahoe and customized with “Tallac Historic Site” and the fauna name.  Your True Nature makes bookmarks with sayings about life; they made a Mt. Tallac one for us; stand tall and proud, rise above it all, get to the point… Maple Landmark made a custom logging truck in honor of the Pope family logging business.