Stop #12: Back down near the pier, a good look out onto the lake

“Although neighbors, the Pope, Heller, and Baldwin families engaged little with one another.  They each enjoyed their private Lake Tahoe retreats, rustic yet providing the ultimate in comfort.  While Camp Richardson hosted a more middle-class clientele with primitive camping and campfire entertainment at night, these families hoped to insulate themselves within the large Jeffrey pines and elegant, recreational lifestyle.  Each estate eventually came under the supervision of the U.S. Forest Service, which initially used the buildings as storage, offices, and housing for workers on the site.  In fact, the Forest Service purchased the properties here not for their buildings but for their land and shoreline.  As the area around Lake Tahoe was quickly being bought up by private interests in the late 1960s and early 1970s, the Forest Service hoped that this could become land for the public to enjoy.  Yet, sufficient community support for restoring these historic buildings allowed the Forest Service, with the help of numerous organizations and countless volunteers, to bring these estates back to an interpretive form of their past magnificence.  As an early survey of the site revealed, ‘Here, in slightly more than one linear mile of beach, individuals with commanding influences on western American history found respite from the pressures of business and politics.’  We hope you enjoyed the tour.  Please enjoy your time here in Lake Tahoe.”

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