Stop #3: On the promenade

“As you come to Lucky’s cottage, please feel free to walk further into this area where his house was located.  Besides the beautiful Incense Cedar tree located directly to the right of the interpretive sign, there are also some non-native trees.  Douglas Firs and a white birch are located on the path towards a garage foundation behind where Lucky’s cottage was and where he kept his personal mode of transportation.  Feel free to investigate.  On your way to the garage foundation, you will also notice that another path transects the one from the house.  This is the servant’s path that linked the guest cottages to the servant’s quarters and to the hotel, where food, laundry, or other services were available.  The garage was probably added about the same time as the lake-front hotel.  Lucky’s cottage was used by the Baldwin family but was also rented out to others when they were away.  Fortunately for us, when Anita had the resort torn down, several local families were given the contents of the building, which we have on display in the Baldwin museum and Pope Estate.  When you have finished at Lucky’s cottage, continue your walk down the promenade.  Ephraim "Yank" Clement owned the Tallac Point House before Lucky bought it in 1880.  In Yank’s day, single ladies would push their long skirts as they walked along a wooden plank walkway being admired by miners from Nevada.  In later years, Lucky’s concrete path led guests through the many lake cottages that were rented for the summer by wealthy families from San Francisco, including the owners of Standard Oil.  As you walk the promenade, you may see a break in the stones or a line of stones on your right.  These indicate an individual yard or entrance to each cottage.  Cottages were aligned on the south side of the path so as not to obstruct views of the lake.  You can imagine that the trees here were much younger and smaller in Lucky’s day.  Lucky purchased this property in part to save its large Jeffrey pines from the profiting lumber companies, who were making their way from the east side of the lake towards the south shore.  Go to one of the huge Jeffrey pines and smell it, putting your nose into one of the deep crevices.  Smell something sweet, like vanilla? Now pick up one of the cones and notice how the spines are turned downward.  The sweet smell and the gentleness of the pinecones distinguish these trees as ‘gentle Jeffreys.’ Take your time wandering the promenade and finishing Lucky’s Legacy walking tour.  On the lakeside of the restrooms, you will find an opening in the gate that leads into the Baldwin Estate, where Lucky’s daughter, Anita, enjoyed her private summer home.”

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