Stop #6: In Pope Arboretum

"For most of his adult life, Lucky Baldwin was considered land rich but cash poor. When he decided to build another hotel in the late 19th century, he sold this part of his property to pay for it. George Tallant, a prosperous banker, bought the property in 1894. He built 2000 of the 4000 square feet of the main house you see further down the path. In 1899, Tallant sold the estate to Lloyd Tevis, another ambitious entrepreneur seizing the vast opportunities of the American West. A banker and lawyer, Tevis owned mining properties with partner, George Hearst, and the Pacific Express Company, which managed the business of the Central Pacific Railroad. He was also a founder of Pacific Coast Oil, now Chevron, as well as a director and president of Wells Fargo. Although Lloyd died during the purchase of the estate, his son William took it over and summered here with his family until he went bankrupt in 1913. William’s wife, Mirabella, started the arboretum that you now stand in. Mirabella insisted on having many non-native plants in her arboretum, and the fact that the Tevises had enough gardeners, up to twelve, to care for these non-native plants was a strong indicator of the family’s wealth. We are hoping to recreate this garden of non-native plants in the future, but you can still see the three giant sequoias and the Colorado blue spruce here, legacies of the Tevis family.”

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